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Community Discourse (or: for a better DToid)

Salida guys,
so we have this thread in the forums that started a few months back with the whole "DToid sucks now, I'm taking my ball and leave"-wave. It got a bit stale back then, so I took the liberty of collecting the things that were asked for and concentrate them in one posting. I would like to carry this stuff over here too since there is a pretty divide between forum members and members that are active here, but it's something that concerns everybody who loves DToid.

So, to the concentrated list first:
01. more interactivity with the staff. It would be great if staff members could show their presence around more often. On DToid itself, not Twitter or some other external site (DToid is your community, talk to your community via the means of your community). No, we don't expect you to dwell around the forums 24/7. We don't expect you to comment on every blog. But what is expected is to show the commuity, especially the regulars, that you care. A little reply here and there and not favoring Twitter all the time would go a long way here.
02. more original content on the front page like Hansen's "Ghosts" article. Also those should be a bit more regular, not like "one every month if we find the time" (everybody does reviews, everybody does news, this is the stuff that seperates you from the grey mass). Even if it's just a stupid top ten list.
03. many people apparently feel like the articles are lacking the charme/humor/bite of yore (I can't say too much about it, although I read some old stuff and do indeed feel you've gotten a bit "softer" overall, but maybe that just comes with the age).
04. more regular C-Blog promotions (it seems like that is already happening? Although I would propose something like a set two-week rhythm, so that each article gets the same time in the limelight)
05. more regular "XXX wanted". See 04 for this.
06. put a shining red blinking GIF picture right on top that links to the forums. Seriously though, many people apparently not know that those forums exist. Making it a bit clearer, the same for the C-Blogs, might flush in more active users that then generate more content and... you see where this is going. Yes, the forum and community are linked in the top bar - but they're buried between everything else. It's drowned out very easily.
07. the "state of the union"-ish blogs from official staff like Hamza are appreciated. More would be appreciated too. That said, be open with us. Don't make lip services, but rather tell us if something's not gonna work out or is about to go to shit. We're adults, we are not Tom Cruise and thus can take the truth. And maybe even find a solution, if we know what's the problem. Many hands make work easy sometimes.
08. apparently the streams aren't really gold. I can't say too much about that, as I never see them (timezones, bitches!). Didn't want to not mention that though.

Now one thing there is missing. YOU.

Thing is, this has to be a community effort too. So be a community. Write some blogs. Write comments. Take part in discussions. Post in the forums. Host FNF games. Do SOMETHING for fuck's sake. A good community is half administration, half user base. If one of the two things isn't active enough it starts to crumble. And really, we're all here because we love games, right? We like to read about, like the play them, like to talk about them. So do that.

You know guys, I said it before, but I like it here. I would like to see the site blossom and grow, because there are some pretty cool dudes around here. You won't get along with everybody, but if you just step out of your laziness-comfort-zone for one fucking minute and start something, or chime in if you see somebody trying something, shit will get done with easy and quick. But this is a requirement you, as the community, have to fulfill. Get off of your asses and actually DO something. Don't just talk about, but do it (god be my witness, I'll futily try to get people for a regular game-and-shittalk-via-skype session together till I drop dead).
Maybe "old DToid" might never come back, that doesn't mean "new DToid" has to suck.
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