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10 things about OpiumHerz

So this is a thing here and now, huh?

1. "Deal with it" is one of my principles
And with that I don't mean "don't be a pussy", but I mean it in the literal sense. If you have a problem: fucking deal with it. Don't whine, don't cry, don't be a little bitch. Get up and get rid of it. There is shit going down that is out of our control. But how we get out of that shit usually is. I just can't stand whiners. Whining is the most useless form of critiqueing something and it solves nothing.

2. I like Kane & Lynch 2
It's a decent game, I like the optics, I like the art style, fuck off.

3. Drugs aren't bad, mkay?
Now while I only am interested in very certain drugs, in general I'm for the right to be high. Don't get me wrong, most of the stoner culture can fuck right off. But when somebody gets stoned in his four walls it doesn't hurt anybody. When someone drinks himself comatose in his own four walls it doesn't hurt anybody. And hell, if I want to do coke it doesn't hurt anybody. Now of course there are drugs that are simply designed to literally kill you - Krokodil comes to mind. That stuff is something else. But a state can profit massively from just legalizing stuff like weed or acid. The important factor is knowledge. Education. If more people would simply know what they're doing before they do it, there would be a lot less shit in this world. That doesn't only go for drugs.

4. I can turn my inner nerd off at will
From a to "artfggotry with Dornenreich lyrics" to w like "Warhammer 40.000", I can nerd on about a lot of shit. However, I'm pretty good at turning this nerd-mode off at will. When I have to socliaze with strangers or anything I am clever enough to not go on a rant how Malal totally should be a legit chaos god.

5. You can most likely kiss my ass
I'm not big on the empathy thing and while I can be very empathic at times, that stuff is like my inner nerd. I don't really care at all for most people. So much so that many would agree that I am a total asshole. When I'm really friends with someone I'm usually loyal to a fault, but getting there is a process that takes time and a lot of it. And when I barely know somebody I can cut that tie within ten seconds without any form of regret. It might also be due to my job, which consists of reading patient files. If I would feel sad for every person who has so much cancer they have to take out his larynx, I'd have a lot to cry over the day. Really, I can't care a lot for people I don't or just barely know.

6. I don't care much for all the gaming internet celebrities
I barely know who PewDiePie is (and he is an asshole). Besides that I know Totalbiscuit and that's pretty much it. I don't follow Let's Players or stuff like that because I just don't care for it. I want to play my games, when I'm done I want another good game, rinse and repeat. I'm literally that guy that not only says "Can't we all go back to just enjoying games" but simply does it. I don't have the feeling I missed out on much.

7. My alignment is lawful evil
Being a good person is pretty overrated, as is having much a conscience. If I should ever get a serious chance for a criminal career that I feel is a safe bet I'll most likely take it without hesitation. I still abide by some sort of moral codex, but it's far more... hum... lax than most people's.

8. I show slight symptoms of multiple disorders
Narcissism and sociopathy mostly, but other stuff too. I don't say I have those disorders, I don't like those self-diagnosing morons, but I am aware of the fact that I might possibly have one or more of them. I also have a high possibility of having an IQ that is over average, according to a quick test from MENSA. I'll most likely never get myself checked on neither of those things seriously, since I'm pretty happy with who I am, although I think getting that shit checked out might turn me into a more social person.

9. Jokes are okay, no matter the topic

While I think you should show some sort of reverence when making jokes, no topic should be taboo per se. That includies political incorrect stuff. If you are oh so offended by that stuff because you think for example that a jew joke means one is an antisemitist or a joke about gender clich makes one a sexist --> see the headline for #5 and remove the "most likely". However, you maybe shouldn't rip a rape joke in front of someone who was molested or anything like that. But those people who always cry about this kind of thing and feel the need to safe the human race from this impending doom - please, fuck off.

10. I love nature

Especially forests. My desktop background is a folder of rotating forest pictures and I enjoy walking or camping in forests. However, I also love big cities. Right now I found a great spot to live: while Stuttgart is a big city, it also has a lot of green around it. I can easily reach a barbecue spot in the midst of a forest within 45 minutes or less. Perfect.

That's it? Can I go now?
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