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Recently found this guy MeatCanyon (well, small group of people) on Youtube, recommended to me after watching the Spongebob Anime. His stuff ranges from just funny (this one) to pretty dark, but it's usually funny either way. This one is a favorite for m


Bit the bullet and got Outward(again) on PC. The splitscreen on PS4 just wasn't up for it, and now it's like playing a whole new, much better game. I'm still garbage at it, though. Like, haven't even gotten magic yet


Started playing Outward with my SO yesterday. It's really rough around the edges, but it's the most fun I've had in a Co op game in a while. Very difficult at first


Have become so desensitized to the bad news that I completely forgot a hurricane is supposed to swipe us this weekend. In true Florida fashion, no one really cares lol, can't say I'm concerned either. Just doing the usual bring stuff in from outside chore


Today took a turn for the absolute worst in my personal life. Just emotional stuff and relationship stuff, but it's an extremely difficult evening. So I'm here, trying to vent a bit, and get lost in game news for a little


In an empty office setting up PCs to image with a wireless ear piece headphone to listen to the Xbox conference while I work. It's pretty sweet


It's only been barely a week but I already feel kinda depressed being in the office all day. I just wanna go home and still have energy to enjoy myself before I get tired and start it all over tomorrow.


Damnit, SO and I were so sure we'd be getting full paychecks this week, but were surprised with a tiny amount this morning. We'll be joining all the others in having rent trouble this month after all. But we'll get through it!


Sometimes I focus my energy and anger on the wrong and dumbest things. Here's to hopefully learning from it


I'm back at physical work. Which I'm still spending 90% of my time sitting and doing nothing like at home. But this time I'm at least paid for it. I'm just wondering how long it lasts as my states cases continue climbing..


Playing REmake has reminded me how easy the recent RE puzzles have been, because I'm struggling with it at times. Not to mention borderline cruel inventory space, haha


Watched Japan Sinks 2020. I was expecting something more like Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, but got something more unique. Though both had me crying by the end. Really beautiful and brutal


I finally hunkered down and started seriously starting Persona 4 on my Vita. I'm usually not much for visual novels, but now that I know what to expect, I'm in the right mindset.


Seems we're going back to work next week. Which honestly I'm thankful for, I needed the full hours, especially since I recently got hired on as a full time temp (upgraded from Student assistant). Not to mention money trouble. Still nervous though


Had a really stressful week, so now I'm feeling under the weather as a result. Happens every time -_- I hope everyone has a super fun and safe 4th today


Happy Thursday, hopefully many of you have tomorrow off for the holiday, I think we all deserve a long weekend


Happy Friday! Oh crap! There's a new Crystal Chronicles info video out. That game holds such a special place in my heart, I really can't wait. Plus bonus super difficult dungeons and stronger weapons? This is going to be so great to experience again.


And that's RE7 completely finished in VR. It's a really cool sensation, but even with the pro, it could sometimes take an awkward amount of time for the textures to unblur when sprinting. I hope they reveal an upgrade with less wires soon, also less bulky


You ever feel invisible? Both in real life and online? Like you say or write something and literally no response from anyone? I guess I prefer it that way, but it does suck sometimes. Oh well, posting stuff is cathartic, so I still do


I don't know what it is, but when I beat a games story and then try to play a DLC story for it, it's like the wind is sucked out of my sails and I lose almost all interest. But I'm forcing myself through RE7 DLC anyway


For the first time since getting my PSVR ages ago, I sat down and started a new file of RE7. It's amazing how different the whole thing feels in VR, though it does put a strain on my eyes after a while


Just had to share this nugget of gold by my cousin after I sent her a picture of my cat


Beat Resident Evil 3. Was pretty fun. The end was... not what I expected. Tried to play again but don't feel like going for any records. For some reason replaying games right after I beat them is almost impossible for me


His name is Baldr and he likes yowling for pets and breaking figurines. He's cool


Got into Resident Evil 3. Dodging is quite difficult, much less landing a perfect dodge, but it's fun so far. Keep salivating at the thought of getting Bioshock switch, but can't afford it thanks to half hours. I hear it performs beautifully on the Switch


Happy Friday. Well, I hope you have a happy Friday, but it's been a rough week, for lots of people. I hope you guys have a great weekend


Crystal Chronicles out on August 27th. Really was hoping it was going to be an early summer game, but it's coming, finally. My most anticipated upcoming game, for sure.


I seriously have no attention span as an adult. I miss being able to plug into a game for hours and immerse myself, now adult responsibilities at all hours make it extremely difficult. But seeing posts here and online gives me hope that I can do it again


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