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Trying to do all the side quests and Heart-to-Hearts in Xenoblade for the first time. I missed out on a large amount of fun dialogue/side stories by just brute forcing my way through the campaign


Was able to snag a PS5 thanks to Best Buy's slow rollout to curb site overload. Picking it up Jan. 31st, and am very excited! Demons Souls and Sackboy are up first on my PS5 list


I'm glad they put auto run in the remastered xenoblade, there are some extremely long distances between landmarks like in Eryth Sea


I'm replaying xenoblade on the Switch now and I just really love the new models so much. Finally taking the time to savor the game and actually doing side quests this time around


Got my second raise in less than a year! Boss wanted to add on $3, but got approved for $1. Still not bad, and grateful to get one at all.


Back to the office again after a week off, very jealous of the work-from-home phone testing job the fiance just got. I played so many games, but now it's back to less free time :(


I finished Doom Eternal, and I honestly see it as just as good as 2016, just different. Never played such a satisfying FPS before. Also makes me want to play Metroid Prime


Giving Doom Eternal another chance after initial release and having much more fun with it. It's very satisfying gameplay, though I am sad my PC can't handle a stable 1440p144fps for it, I've been spoiled


I love gamepass so much. I had to sell my xbox for bills a couple months back, but since I can just log into my account on PC, it's still used. Also just started Yakuza, already enjoying the premise


It's the last of my money before gas, but I'm glad I'm able to get at least some small gifts for some of my family. It'll be so nice to hand out some gifts


Since the usual person in charge of unclogging the septic system for my landlord was too drunk to help, I learned a decent chunk on how it all works and was able to fix the issue myself because having a night of sewage backing up into your shower sucks


That sephiroth limited time mode thing they're doing is super cool. Play him early if you win, right?


Since I'm getting a forced unpaid vacation after next week, I'm trying to decide what games I should binge. For some reason Xenoblade Chronicles is what I'm craving. Feels like a holiday kind of game


I think one of the best holiday feelings for me aside from all the IRL stuff is logging into your favorite games and seeing the holiday event stuff show up. Just did that in Deep Rock Galactic, love it


Being a temp has serious drawbacks. Like right now, the university president "granted" us the week after Christmas off, but for me that just means a week of no pay. I won't be making rent for next month on time as a result. ugh.


Boss told me yesterday "I need to speak to you about something tomorrow". So anxiety was naturally on the rise, but I got news that engineers want to expand my role and he wants to request a $3 raise for me and maybe taking me on fulltime. Thank goodness


My fiance and I just found out about Deep Rock Galactic. It's such a satisfying game to play, I'm a sucker for mining stuff


Tried the PS5 out thanks to my brother, though I do take issue with him describing the resistive triggers as "getting hard"


Being broke is so exhausting and annoying. Like I know I won't have money until Friday and yet most waking moments are spent just stressed at the thought of having no money until then. To the point that getting home and gaming feels pointless


Landlord *finally* figured out their account info and was able to upgrade us to unlimited data, which means I am going to be downloading sooooooo many games the second I get home, it'll feel so liberating


Shadowbringers might be my favorite single player Final Fantasy game in quite a long time, considering they allow you to play with NPCs for the story dungeons. Takes alot of the pressure off and lets me fully enjoy the plot without feeling rushed


Fiance should be starting a work from home QA job soon, testing phones. It's going to make my finances wayyyy less stressed, but I really hope they don't take weeks to finish the on boarding process. In gaming news, Shadowbringers is absolutely amazing


One paycheck for rent, the other mostly for bills. Being a single income household can be rough, but I'm glad to do it. Wondering what I can sell for Hyrule Warriors though, trying to treat myself to that at least :P


It's quite annoying to be upset with someone, then they get upset because you're upset, and of course you gotta apologize just to get things back to normal. How juvenile.


My title says "IT Systems Admin" but what I really do is click through power points for people that, for some reason, think it's more efficient to tell me to click the next slide instead of just...managing it themselves. I like easy work but this is dumb


Just found the Aunty Donna show on Netflix and it's the amazing ridiculous humor that I love. Amazing


I really enjoy that tiny twinge of excitement you get when you're into a game and you're at work just looking forward to getting home to play it again. FFXIV for me, right now


Finally got back into FFXIV and finished off the Stormblood campaign after idk how long. Was fun to get back into the rotation rhythm, even though I'm super rusty. Parties were patient with me though, which I'm grateful for


I keep checking for console stock as if I don't only have $60 in my account for the next two weeks. I guess it's fun to pretend like I could go through with the purchase if I found stock lol


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