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RE-Education -- THIS IS METAL!

This is a collection of all that is Metal, may favorites and maybe some of yours, this is the gamut of what i belive to be the best there is out there in the sounds that i call HOME, this is what i love and what i need to get me through the...


Mike Huckabee

im so absolutely sure this has been posted but, this must be seen... btw Hellgate: London isnt all its cracked up to be, its a Money trap and you are the prize! i feel like i was raped by a 300lbs gorilla, and he didnt use lube :(


Hellgate the wait... 01:06:03

Its amost 6am EDT, and Hellgate comes in a mere 6 more hours… ive been waiting for this day since I beat Diablo 2 and watched Baal fall screaming into the efface of death oh so many years ago. Ive slept a total of 2 hours, and I don’t know...


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