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How to Fix Heavy Rain

I recently finished Heavy Rain. What makes this game so frustrating in my view is just how close it comes to being something special but falls painfully short. I don't think this is an example of Icarus flying too close to the sun. Quanti...


Revisionist History in Mass Effect

When Bioware first announced their Old Republic MMO, one of the features they were most excited about was the persistent world. According to the producers, they were always disappointed when gamers would quick save before making a game cha...


Confessions of a Cheap Gamer

I have a confession to make; I almost never buy new games. Hell, I almost never buy new media of any kind. Almost all my books, DVDs and games are used. While I feel guilty about not supporting developers and publishers, I can't justify ...


About Oncomouseone of us since 4:21 PM on 06.29.2009

I'm a journalism student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I'm the editorial editor for the campus newspaper, the UWM Post, which has a readership of over 10,000. I'm a nontraditional student. I went back to school when I was 24. I'm now 27 and will graduate next semester with a degree in print and online news writing. My interests lie mostly in what I would call the nontraditional media: video games, graphic novels, etc. These are young formats with a lot of untapped potential.

My gaming interests are mostly focused on how an interactive medium can be used to deliver a unique narrative. Games like Indigo Prophecy (Fahrenheit) and Heavy Rain get me all kinds of excited. I'm also a huge Bioware fanboy. My lovely wife Kimberly tolerates my gaming habits. She's a gamer as well, but mostly sticks to The Sims or puzzle games on her DS.