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The Persona 5 level in Smash Ultimate makes me really hopeful for Persona 5 on Switch.


I won Strikey Sisters from DToid! Thanks, Wes!


There's a Tetris 99 event this weekend. It starts and ends while I'm on the road for vacation. Drat. (Link in the comments)


I missed out on several Nintendo Switch contests and I'm salty about it.


Proud dad moment: My son just pulled a 31 on the ACT. Holy cow this kid is smart!


Reggie is retiring from Nintendo? My body wasn't ready for that.


I picked up "Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes" yesterday. I haven't quite made it through the first level, so I have no reaction yet. (Insert: Cool story, bro!)


The Ape Out trailer reminded me that Mr. Shifty exists. Does anyone know if the Switch version got a patch to fix the issues it had?


My inactivity in the Qposts and comments has lead to me losing a follower! To whomever it was- I am sorry and I will work harder to gain you back.


Is there a way to BUY the Piranha Plant Smash DLC? My son used the code on his Switch (fair- he bought the game), but I'd buy it for mine.


Well, I caved and bought them. Anyone else buy them? How long did it take you to get your order?


Finished Donut County (thoughts in the comments). The Messenger downloading now!


I won't be able to pick up Smash until January sometime, but I sure will have this Ridley Amiibo I forgot I had preordered! Yay?


I won Coffee Crisis from the contest DToid had and I have to say- It's a fun beat-em-up! Also- THANK YOU!


Do we have any French Dtoiders? I need to talk to someone about a recording artist from France.


I'm thinking about getting Warframe when it drops on Switch. Question- it says Ninjas play free. Does that mean I spend $$ to be some other class?


I've been playing Hyper Light Drifter for Switch. I'm thoroughly enjoying it, but I've got a complaint. I'll put it in the comments.


Oh, for fuck sake- Tyson Foods wants to change the definition of "sandwich". Link in the comments.


Any idea what day the November games for Nintendo Switch Online will drop? I hadn't really heard anything.


Good morning, folks! Let's hit the ground running and fuck this week up.


Hi, All! I sure do miss this place. I've been lurking a bit here and there, but haven't had much time to interact. For a bit of a life update, check the comments!


If you wanted the Torna alt cover and didn't have points- or it's not available in your area- I've saved it to my google drive. Link in comments. Go get it!


"Life's a piece of shit, when you look ai it." -Monty Python It's been rough the past couple of weeks, but I'm lurking... and watching....


Hey, folx! This last week has been pure shit, but ya know what? I'm going to see BECK in Kansas City tonight and I'm fucking stoked!


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