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Why I'm Proud to be HUGE

Because I got to have this conversation:

Also because I'm supporting my favorite gaming blog and blah blah blah
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About Omegas2one of us since 6:14 PM on 05.17.2010

I love chihuahuas. They make me feel feelings again, like some kind of 14 year old kid or something. You remember feelings, right?

I play videogames, collect tabletop RPGs, casually play Magic the Gathering, watch a lot of film and television, and like long walks on the beach. Ladies? Call me.

Favorite Games/Series:
-Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance
-Dead Space
-Dissidia: Final Fantasy
-Dragon Quest Monsters
-Dynasty Warrios
-Mega Man: Battle Network
-Mirror's Edge
-Monster Rancher
-Sengoku Basara
-Shin Megami Tensei
-Spelunky HD
-Wario Land
-Zero Escape