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The Error Report: EA unveils physical loot boxes

As if determined to 1-up Activision after the recent revelation that they had filed a patent for matchmaking-based transactions, EA today has announced their own new system for handling loot boxes. "We've heard your concerns," said EA...


Ghost in the Shell is fine, everybody calm down

I'm too lazy to write a proper review of this film right now, but at the same time I really wanted to get some thoughts off my chest regarding it, so here is my semi-half-baked stream of consciousness on Ghost in the Shell: Outrage Com...


4 ideas for fixing open world games

I have a confession to make: I don't like open worlds. Not to be confused with open world games mind you. I can enjoy an open world game decently well if it manages to overcome its deficiencies in enough ways, but that's the problem. I...


In Defense of the Other M

Hey guys, remember me? Not content with only burning bridges with multiplayer gamers everywhere, I now set my sights on shredding my reputation with single player gamers as well. Let's get started, shall we? It's one of the greatest a...


The Switch faces an uphill battle

I'm sure everyone and their dog has already written a blog about the Switch following Nintendo's recent presentation, but as a longtime Nintendo fan I feel obligated to offer my own thoughts on the system, and I have an angry Samus ava...


Intro blog and plans going forward

So you may remember me from last week as the guy that randomly posted a blog here as if I was just one of the regulars all along, and meanwhile proceeded to casually shit on all your favorite multiplayer games. I now return to make ame...


Are multiplayer-only games inherently inferior?

[12/7/2016 UPDATE: Added a couple paragraphs to further clarify and expand my points.] Creating a sock account so you can be matched with low-level plebs and squash them over and over again like the scrubs they are can be quite satisfy...


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