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Destiny 2 Trial Pulled from PC


Destiny 2 has been out now for over half a year and given fans plenty of time to buy, or so it appears that Activision has decided. When the game launched, PC players had the option to download a free trial and sample several of the campaign missions including limited multiplayer as well. I enjoyed the trial, though it was telling that I wasn't missing out on much since the original title shipped in 2014, so I decidedly passed, but left the trial on my hardrive. Now recently, I noticed a blank space on my desktop where the trial used to sit. Upon further inspection, it would seem that the game files have been fully uninstalled from my computer, which seems entirely possible, since the trial ran through the Blizzard app. Interestingly enough, the Blizzard app no longer offers the option for players to download the trial anymore either.

"Now whip out those wallets!"

No thanks Activision. Is this loss? Well, not for me. Unless Destiny 2 makes some substantial revisions with their rumored 3rd quarter content drop, I wont miss the ability to jump into the game anytime soon. 


- I'm just going to leave these here, you should best know or learn their origins: "The ability to speak doesn't make you intelligent." "Laughter is poison to fear and hate."

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