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I Call Shenanigans!

So here's the deal,

This week, I, like many an intrepid controversy whore, was privy to Jim Sterling's thousand comment generating Final Fantasy XIII review, and if you actually needed that link to read it for the first time, I would politely ask you to point me in the direction of the particularly dense rock under which you live.

Like I was saying, I, like many, was shocked to read the review, and the overall score it received

And I simply refuse to believe that this is true. I think in this case, while he did bring up some incontestably valid points, based on what I saw and what I know to be true, Mr. Sterling's review was, for the most part, unfair. I won't pretend to know enough about him to venture a guess at his motives for the slant in the review, but I will leave you (and hopefully Mr. Serling, if he reads this) with some oddly appropriate lyrics from the song The Weary Kind:

"This ain't no place for the weary kind,
and this ain't no place to lose your mind,
and this ain't no place to fall behind,
pick up your crazy heart and give it one more try"*

*The song is much less cheesy than it sounds here

Now I realize I only kinda disproved two of the criticisms in the review, but that was kinda the point. I invite you to go back and read the review again with the fact that it might be slanted in your mind. Then come back and tell me if you honestly think it's as correct and as fair as you did the first time you read it.

Maybe I'm completely wrong, maybe this article is 100% correct. But in the even that I'm not, I hope you'll come back haveing learned to form your own opinions before blindly following Jim's, or anyone's for that matter. Hell, why should even the opinions expressed in this article earn carte blanche?

PS, Shout out to Beyamor, and any other BC resident for that matter. I'm home in Vancouver for the weekend and loving it.
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