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Gamers Have More Sex: The Tables, Oh How They Turn

So here's the deal,

Apparently the old paradigms don't apply any more. We as a sub-culture have not only taken back the word 'nerd,' but have now turned it back on our once oppressive 'social superiors' of old. According to a press release today by ad representation firm Giant Realm, Inc., their study, The Giant Realm Gamer Lifestyle Study, reported that three-quarters of the 2700 men aged 18 to 27 studied own a gaming system of some description.

The men that did own a gaming console were also found to have more active social lives than the non-gamers. "In fact, gamers are more likely than non-gamers to go out to eat, check out movies and hit the dating scene," said the press release.

So, contrary to what you, or for that matter, the world may think, we are now the dominant social group. We are now the gatekeepers to the elusive and illusive worlds of 'cool' and 'hip.'

Om nom nom nom...
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