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E3: Eh!

I love E3. I really do! I watch it religiously every year. (Kinda blows I have never atually been to one even though I have been working for game sites for over 10 years) I know some shows are better than others and that is to be expecte...


Rumortoid: Next Gen Systems

Like most of you, I have been keeping up with all the rumors for the next gen systems. And yes, even the Wii U. The Wii U rumors kinda confuzzle me. From what I read, it is said that it will have the same processing power/graphics as ...


Hardcore Casualties

I consider myself to be what you would call a 'hardcore' gamer. I own all the current consoles, two desktop gaming PC's, four laptops that can run some games, and a SGS 2. Although, I usually only play Angry Birds on it. Which leads me t...


Warning! Not About Games

Thought I would run that by you just in case anyone thought my bitching was limited to games. :D As an MG (Matured Gamer), I do have other interests aside from gaming. Yes, I know that is a shocker. My lazy ass also likes TV. Again, sho...


A Little Bit About Me

As suggested, this will be my intro blog post. :D How to begin.....well, I will be 38 next month, been married for 18 years, and have five kids. I live in WV, although that hasn't always been the case. I was born here, then moved to Cal...


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