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Why its time to bring Bad Company back

I'm curious to see how many people still hang on to the Bad Company name, and how many want to see it come back. I'm of the mind that Bad Company is exactly the direction this series needs to continue in. Battlefield 4, while buggy as all hell in some instances, is a very very ridiculously well made game. In my belief it is one of the best multiplayer experiences available, and there really isn't much of direction to go from there. The team will keep building up the multiplayer, and it will keep getting better, but It's already on top in my opinion. 

That brings us to the singeplayer. Singleplayer is something that is getting overlooked more and more, and it usually takes a back seat to multiplayer during the development phase. I think that was pretty evident in Battlefield 4, as the single player campaign was short and forgettable. Really, the writing was sub-par, and everything came off in the same cookie cutter way that these increasingly boring campaigns do. It needs work. 

What better condition is there to bring back the Bad Company name? The multiplayer, despite its bugs, is great, and it gives players a great experience. Moving on to the next title there will be some innovation, but I foresee that the multiplayer won't be going through any major developmental changes. That gives EA and DICE leave to focus on the singleplayer for once, something that sorely needs it. They could hire actual writers, focus on ways of making single player campaigns memorable and varied. To me, the most important part of the single player campaign is the characters. Especially in an FPS where the combat can get kind of straightforward on these linear maps, characters and plot need to be able to carry the players attention and interest. 

The Bad Company games are just fun. The characters are lovable and interesting, and it still carries the battlefield brand name of good multiplayer and interesting mechanics. Bring it back. Hire some script writers, bring back the interest in singleplayer, and make this game good on very level. While Battlefield 4 is a great game, its not the greatest it could be. The multiplayer is good, but I still find that I can't rank it in my favorite games without some kind of enticing and memorable storyline. After Hardline, I hope DICE and EA realize the potential they have in this series. Bad Company needs to come back.
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