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The Future of Videogames

The Kinect monitored the motionless form of the man strapped to the chair. Gaunt. Bruised. Broken. He had endured countless beatings and the starvation imposed on him, but he had not been here in this room before. His stillness was an ...


Destructoid, The Inferno: A Parody

In the midst of the beginning of the journey of life, I found myself in a dark wood, where the direct path was lost. I cannot rightly say how I entered it, for my mind was filled with the particular numbness which occurs after an extended p...


I did it... I beat Dark Souls.

121 Hours 19 Minutes Soul Level 92 Lightning Longsword +5 Bloodshield+15 Hard Leather Armor set +9 Late-game Dark Souls stuff ahead! Last Saturday, July 27th, I stayed up untill 3 A.M. playing Dark Souls. I was on a roll. Not exactl...


A Decision

My head was throbbing. I was tired. Felt a little sick. April 10th. That was when I made my decision. I had been reading Destructoid articles for some time, comments too, and  watching videos. It all looked like a great deal of fun. There w...


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I'm a 20 year old lazybones who lives at the beach. I like history, cats, learning how to do internet stuff, and games. I can go on and on, and I like to talk about whatever, so don't hesitate to instigate a conversation. Because I probably won't. I'm lazy, remember?