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Why I Can Now Never Replay Fallout 1 and 2

Now, I love both of those games. They give me a warm sticky feeling , like when I'm playing with my d... Well, not in that way, because that's just weird, but I basically like them, a lot. There was nothing more satisfying than pottering about, the west coast putting making super mutants wish they hadn't got out of their oversized bed that morning, all while seeing the top of my little vault dwellers head.

However, all that changed when I played Fallout 3 last october. As soon as I stepped outside the vault, I realised that I was going to town (specifically Megaton) on a huge new world in proper 3D, in first person. I realised that, while fallout let you make your character and then do whatever the chunk you wanted (sort of), I still felt detached from him. These characters were meant to be you to a certain extent, but yet, looking at the my little blue jumpsuited man, I was just looking down at him, watching his every move. I didn't feel like I was that little man with his flamer. In Fallout 3, I was the Lone Wanderer, I was seeing the capital wasteland through his eyes (except in VATS). I think it was the best thing Bethesda could've done with the much loved franchise. There is so much to see in the Capital Wasteland and I wasn't restricted to only seeing them from a birds eye view. If this badboy was located in California, I would never have seen it.

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