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Hunter or Hunted?

Recently, I've been having problems playing Source based games on my computer. I have no idea why this has happened and how to remedy the situation. The whole problem has made me realise how much I actually want to play these games, mainly, The Ship. For those not familiar with the title, the premesis is you are on a cruisliner of some sort and are tasked with tracking down and killing another person on the ship. However, by the same merit, your character is being hunted by another player, unknow to you, and you have to do your best to avoid them while tracking your own quarry.

Playing the game made me think about the lack of games that put you in the shoes of the hunted as opposed the hunter. Now, some may argue that stealth games actually allow you this perspective. With games like Splinter Cell, none of the enemies try to find you until you start snapping the necks of their mates, effectively making them act out of self preservation and making you the hunter once again. The same goes for survival horror games, as more often that not, the enemies are just as disposable as the ones within a shooter, for instance. Games that pit you against hordes of enemies looking to kill you, also do meet this criteria as there is no sense of your character being without the means to defend themselves and easily slaughter a few hundred NPC's in the name of survival.

The whole point of being hunted is having the constant fear of death coming at any point and becoming paranoid because of it. These are emotions the ship brings to the player extremely well, especially for a predomiantly online game. I found myself constantly checking out every person within a room for odd behaviour that would indicate they were after me. These experiences were on par or even better than the satisfaction of tracking down and expertly executing my target.

To put it bluntly, I'm looking for a video game version of No Country For Old Men where you play from the perspective of Llewelyn Moss. You would move from place to place optional objectives that would aid you in avoiding or even fighting Anton Chigurh. However, what would make the game special would the constant uncertaintly and paranoia that accompanys being hunted by a very persistent hitman.

Of course this would be no easy task, especially since the tension and atmosphere need to be exceptional as well as needing gameplay to match. Despite this, it is a premesis I would like more games to utilise as it is a really interesting concept in my opinion.

If anyone can shed a light on the problem inolving games running the Source engine it would much appreciated. Basically, when I launch the game through Steam, the usual game launching window opens, and then closes. hl2.exe is not running within my processes either.
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