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Temporada de Patos: The Aftermath.


November 10th was a not-important date in the History of Cross-Border Gaming.

Me and some friends had the pleasure of hosting a small gaming tournament, the third of its kind. I will sprinkle some pictures around here in case you think it's cool and live not too far away from here, maybe you'll want to come over and be a part of it next semester.r

This year we had six games and a bit over 300 attendees. It was a sweaty hell of geeky madness. The games were (in order of importance):

-Duck Hunt (NES) <-- This is the main event and the reason the tournament exists.
-Smash Bros Melee <-- A pit of sweaty gamers
-Gears of War
-Fifa 2008
-Guitar Hero II <-- Emo Goodness
-KoF 2002 <-- With Arcade cabinets and all that jazz

A lot of nice t-shirts were sold, 1-up earrings and a hand-crafted majora's mask were on sale too.

We had people from Texas and Chihuahua playing here, so if you live in Texas or new mexico or whatever, you really should try to make the trip, (next time will be bigger). Many lulz will be had if you do come.

As you can see from this little picture, we had a little wasteland for Gears of War which included a broken ps2, a toilet, a shopping kart and a "No Parking Zone" sign... It's fun what you can find in the university dumps

This was the guitar hero stage, sweaty emo fingers were the stars here.

Trust me when I say it had a peculiar smell in there... You can also see a nice little part of the fifa football field in the background.

Here is a view of the place we held it in, and an anal view of the merchant booths.

We had a small arcade (incomplete here) that included an original ms. pacman cabinet :D.

This was the duckhunt area. For the third time, the final round was played between a hairy guy called Sau and the two-times champion of duckhunt (she's already legendary around here): Lorena Mojica.

And finally, this is me in one of my "not-so-great" moments as I tried to entertain a mob of enraged gamers.

This shit was cereal business and I had to engage in epic battles with angry parents because their kids sucked and lost quickly. You can't organize an event without angry parents.
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