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Dishonored Mini-Review


I don't have much to say about Dishonored.(What a attention grabbing first sentence!) Part of that is due to playing it almost three months after release, and partly because, despite being a new I.P., there's not much really going on with the title. Dishonored is your typical stealth action adventure game, and it forces that significantly early on, which can be an issue if that's not an enjoyable play style for you. However, thanks to having a variety of powers that are geared towards different styles of play, your character's stats and abilities start opening up after the first few hours.

Outside of character progression, quality voice acting and a striking visual style, the game is fairly bland. Most of what the title offers we’ve seen plenty of times before in this generation from releases like Assassin's Creed, Mirror's Edge and BioShock. Is that bad? Not at all. The title is well polished and does a great job integrating aspects from various titles into a single game. But instead of blending these elements to make something that feels new or different, it feels like it's just stitched together with each piece acting on its own. The fact that it's a new I.P. is almost just a novelty, acting as a new shell for these old experiences.

However, it's easy to find enjoyment in Dishonored, and fans of first person stealth games are bound to love it, if not already so. But as a new property, it does little to impress.
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