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So...Indiana Jones & tKotCS...(NVGR)

So I just finished watching the new Indiana Jones flick, and I have to say I feel let down. I'm a huge Indy fan, and watch the original 3 movies with an ear to ear grin from start to finish. I won't spoil the plot for anyone, but I have to vent...

The remarkable thing about the Indiana Jones movies, and character has been (for me) the romance of adventure, and the adventure of romance. Digging into ancient worlds that give insight as to where we have been, and will be heading. Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom, and The Last Crusade had artifacts that were religious and/or supernatural, but grounded in reality (well, movie reality). But The Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls veers far off the beaten path. A little too far from my perspective...

Yes, there are some cliches that are a part of the Indy universe...And the tried and true formula that was charming 20 years ago is still there...Only it isn't 20 years ago. Some things felt almost forced into this last Indy adventure, and I think it is worse for that. I can suspend disbelief when Nazis get their faces melted (awesome), and when crazy temple guys rip beating hearts from another persons chest (slightly less awesome than melted Nazi faces), and enjoy the ride when Indiana figures out that the son of a carpenter wouldn't have a jeweled goblet.
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