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Reminds Me Why I play the Games...

So here I am, thinking I am almost finished in Liberty City (story-wise) and near 65% I figured it was close. I do a mission for Ray, and he finds the guy I'm looking for...(Keep reading if you're past this mission, it is after the 'Museum Piece' mission)...

And I snag Roman, and we go to find Florian Cravic. Now, from Nikos persona, Romans as well as the other Russian mob guys I was expecting a certain 'type' of guy. Then I pick up Talbot, and things go differently. I meet Florian, and the only thing this character lacks is flames comming from his asshole. I was surprised, in a happy way. I thought I would meet the guy I was chasing all over the city, and lo and behold I find a flamer who teaches an excersize class and jogs in Middle Park.

I thought this...

THIS IS WHY I PLAY VIDEO GAMES. When you think you know what to expect, you get a curveball and all the preconcieved notions you had get smashed like the Hulk was on you.

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