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A Recommendation...(NVGR)

So here I am, and I was bouncing around different news sites the other day and I got to see John Cusacks new 'anti-McCain' ad for MoveOn.org. Now, I'm not so much a Republican or a Democrat as much as I am an Independant (a liberal one, but Independant none the less), but I thought the ad was interesting. Then I remembered that Cusack had made a movie that throws up corporate engulfment of the United States government, and the war that our soldiers are fighting...The film is titled War, Inc.

I'm not here to be political, as this isn't really the forum for what my personal beliefs are when it comes to the way my country is governed (other than video game legislation, after all, it's Dtoid). But I will say this...You should check the movie out.

It is easy to be offended if you're a staunch supporter of our recent administration, but I urge you still to watch it. Sure there some convoluted shit going on in the flick, but I guess that's what happens when you pen something like the movies script. At times it is over the top to show how very one-sided the angle is from the writer and directors point of view (think Loose Change, but an actual movie...). It is better than Loose Change though...Swear...

Something game related...Found on Google when I looked for the movie poster

There are more than a few big Hollywood names and some nice cameos, and overall the way the tale gets told and the way it all unfolds is at the very least entertaining.

In closing, I can't believe this is Hillary Duff...She looks way better this way...In a sick sort of sexyness...I guess we all have issues...No? I couldn't believe this was her.
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