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It's been a good long while since I played Diablo 2.  Whe 3 came out, I was pumped, but alas my laptop couldn't handle the awesome sauce.  Well, now that I've gotten to sink my teeth in thanks to Blizzard bringing it to consoles (seriously,...


Grand Theft Auto dRIVE

Ok kids, I want to scream in the face of the guy who et the guy who let the guy who let the guy program the driving in the game.  I know there were plenty of complaints about the driving in GTA IV, but the loosey goosey ridiculousness of th...


It's Been Awhile...

So with the launch of the PS4 looming, I'm curious who will brave the lines, and how much they'd be willing to pay for the console.  (ablsolute maximum, and it has to be based soley on your budget, not on,'I'd pay 5000 &'s for one') I real...


Dtoid Forza 3 Camaro

I'll be the first to admit I'm not 1/100 the "artist" that there are among the Forza 3 community...But I figured I would give it a go....And where better to start than with Mr Destructoid? So here are some pics, and they are up on my store...


I rekindled my Killzone...

Since DTOID will be down, I figured in it's honor (and the fact I'm getting back into the game since I dll'd the map bundle for 12 bucks) maybe we could get some DTOID Killzone 2 action going. If you're up, hit me up on PSN...My tag is OCI...


RE 5 demo sucks

How is it that in 2009 Capcom can still create a game that doesn't allow the virtual equivalent of chewing gum and walking?!!! I can't shoot a gun while I walk? I can't reload my weapon while I walk? I still have to use a menu for switch...


Needs To Be Said (NVGR)

I can't help but feel anger, and a huge amount of insult at what happened the other day during a George W Bush press conference in Iraq...A 29 year old man, a reporter for a TV station based in Cairo threw 2 shoes at the President. Mind yo...


I'm Torn in Persia

I've been playing the new Prince of Persia, and even after a solid few hours, and visits to more than a few 'Fertile Grounds', I can't decide if I love it, or hate it... Maybe hate is a bit strong, but I can't help but feel belittled by Ub...


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