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About Ochoone of us since 1:48 PM on 10.03.2009

I am Ocho, why Ocho? Because I forgot how to say "Eight" in Spanish class during a test and wrote "Hatchi" instead. I swore to myself I would never be that stupid again. I've been playing games since I got a Game Boy Colour for my 5th birthday (Yes, I'm way too young.) along with Link's Awakening DX and Pokemon: Blue. In 2000 I was given a modchipped PlayStation (not that I really knew what that meant at the time) along with way too many pirated games (again, no idea what that meant at the time). I've been hopelessly addicted to gaming ever since.

I don't actually own that many systems, but I do have the advantage of having rich friends who own everything. What I do actually own is:
-PS1 (not the modchipped one, that was sold along with all of the pirated games to my cousin)
-"Strawberry" (read: Pink) Game Boy Colour
-Indigo Game Boy Advance (left arrow on D-Pad stuck down from too many platformers)
-DS (Original, top screen broken beyond repair)
-Silver Gamecube
-White DS Lite
-Xbox 360

I also have some sort of masochistic need to find out about gaming from before I was able to comprehend video games, and love playing older games. Specifically, SNES and Dreamcast games are amazing to me, and I wish I could play the on the native systems more often.

Fun Facts:
-I'm Canadian, so I use a lot of 'u's to words that do not necessarily need them.
-I'm Israeli as well, so I have a weird accent.
-I'm teaching myself Japanese, and no one seems to believe that I actually know some.
-I consider myself to be a terrible person.
-I have twitter, because I'm a self absorbed tool. Follow me if you wish to aide me in my self absorbed-ness.
-I draw a lot, not much of it is very good, but sometimes I draw something I like, then it goes here. again, mainly because I'm a self absorbed tool.
-I really need to get a PS2
-I like anime.
-I would consider myself a pervert.
-I acknowledge that these facts aren't all that "Fun".

Favourite games (And the consoles I've played them on):
-Okami (Wii)
-Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga (GBA)
-Super Mario World (SNES/GBA)
-Skies of Arcadia Legends (Gamecube)
-Final Fantasy 5 (GBA/Emulator)
-Street Fighter Alpha 3 (PS1)
-Street Fighter IV (360)
-Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (N64/Wii)
-Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker (Gamecube)
-Chrono Trigger (PS1/DS)
-Pokemon Silver (GBC)
-Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (DS)

Currently Playing:
-Okami (Replay)- Ark of Yamato
-Street Fighter IV- Never leaves the disc tray
-Mario and Luigi Bowser's Inside Story -3rd Sage