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I have found my battle steed.


Welp, it ain’t much but here’s most of my little collection of tabletop rpg books. Some stuff I’ve had since I was a kid, some were thrifted and other acquired over the years in various sale bins and trades.


This is what Tom Hanks dreamed of when he worked for that toy company in Big.


Picked this up for my office. Love all those weird 90s toy lines.


All this council talk makes me want to give out decoder rings again. I love this place.


Seriously folks, don’t toke the devil’s lettuce. You’ll end up coming to days later with a condom full of Jamaican bone dust in your ass and a Mighty Might Bosstones prison tattoo.


Happy birthday Goof! Thank you for being a part of this place and bringing all of us so many smiles.


May I present the most metal Magic card ever.


Finally watched Lil Nas X’s new video. Holy shit, that was awesome. Like a To Wong Foo fever dream. What an utter delight.


In what I can only describe as a pivotal moment in my life, I had beer delivered to my house today. Teenage me would be so proud.


Happy birthday Fake Plastic Trees and Ooktar. Y’all are an intrinsic part of this place and it’s a pleasure to know y’all.


NECA is putting out Gargoyles figures! That’s awesome!


Finished Justice League. It was much better than the first one. Snyder still committed all his usual sins that make me roll my eyes. But I didn’t hate it and for me, that’s a win.


Halfway through the Snyder cut and the Xena music that plays every time Wonder Woman does anything is hilarious. Zack Snyder coming through with the nuance of a dump truck.


Help me out, Dtoid family. What is 4:3 ratio and why is everyone mad at Justice League for it? Because y’all should be mad at Justice League for having Lois break her arm during Karl-el’s handjob nut. That was both gratuitous and unnecessary.


I cannot adequately express the joy I feel right now. I’ve wanted a figure of Greta since I was a child. #Toytoid


NECA is making dreams come true this Summer.


They’ll bury me with this thing. Love this place. Love the people. It’s made me a better person and I owe it a debt of gratitude I can only hope to repay, one human moment at a time. In simplest terms, this is home. Thank you, Niero, for giving us tha


This song is fucking awesome.


Went retro today for #Toytoid A new shop opened close by and I had a nice chat with the owner and picked up some fun pieces.


Happiest of birthdays to one of the most talented members of our community, Alphadeus. His music is the soundtrack of Destructoid. You’re an amazing fella and your music has touched my life.


Lily, you are a friend, a colleague and a delight to know. Thank you for being a huge part of this place and have touched so many of our lives with your kindness and happiness. I hope this day has been special and you are showered with love and warmth.


King always resonated with me. Her androgynous style was really unique for the time and she looks cultured and badass in equal measure. #womantoid


Speaking of women, I want to give a huge shoutout to all the women on the site. Y’all are badass.


I spent more time on the category titles than the games.


Perfect ominous night driving music. I wouldn’t be surprised if Disasterpeace listened to this for inspiration when composing the Hyper Light Drifter OST.


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