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User Whore of Babylon shared this in the comments and I feel like all of you deserve such joy in your lives.


Joan Cornella’s art makes me happy.


I really wanted to steal this and hang it in my office.


I too have been awaiting a very special delivery.


Got the other side of the wall finished in my office.


Saw this on Twitter today. Sometimes you need a good chuckle.


It feels so, so, so good to see that piece of shit get kicked out of office. And his shitty family and all the dumbfucks he brought with him can all piss off into the garbage can of history. Tomorrow is another day but for today, I’m smiling hard.


Happy birthday Chris. You’re my brother and my friend and I’m so happy to know you.


I don’t know much but I know that Gucci Gang by Lil’ Pump is the worst song I’ve ever heard. And I’ve listened to entire albums by white power metal bands.


Happy Halloween from Clarence, our adopted son.


Y’all. I’m cackling.


The hell is ray tracing?


This will be the cover to my thesis titled “Why White People Must be Stopped.”


If Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh die on the same day, I’ll go back to church.


This had me cackling


This is one of my favorite Halloween decorations. I call it the Ed Kemper.


NECA is finally fulfilling a dream of mine. She’ll be the perfect companion to my spider gremlin.


NECA is finally fulfilling a dream of mine. She’ll be the perfect companion to my spider gremlin.


Decorated my home office a wee bit. It’s nice to make a work space cozy.


Y’all...Mike Pence is a zombie. An actual zombie. One of the undead. A walking corpse. A low-level DnD monster. Wow.


Mike, what good are words when you’ve shared so much with someone. You’re my brother. I love you buddy.


Every blue moon a YouTube video emerges from the depths to launch itself like a harpoon into my heart. This is such a video.


Rick Moranis was sucker punched this morning as he walked down the street in New York. I will fucking annihilate anyone who hurts Rick Moranis.


So each week on Podtoid, I give a community shoutout. It’s usually something fun like a birthday or life event or just a general high five. This week, I’m asking you to tell me who/what your community shoutout is. I’d love to know who deserves some


Got them post-scotch cornbread cravings.


I enjoy talking politics as much as I enjoy critiquing grandma’s blow job skills. However, I just filled out my absentee ballot and put it in the mail and holy shit, that was so easy. If you’re thinking about voting, that’s an easy way to do it. #FY


Happy birthday to one of the sweetest folks around here who consistently makes me smile. Inquisitive Ravenclaw, I hope you have a wonderful birthday buddy.


Upper right hand corner. I’m dying.


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LOL Andy was here LOL
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