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I was inspired to make a list. So I did.

Well, mrandydixon's list inspired me to make my own. So here are some lists of video game related things that I like. I hope you like them too. Also, in an effort to break up the text, I have included some pictures intermittently placed throughout. They are just things I found floating around in my head and don't have any relation to the list. Lists are fun and I encourage you all to make one. Oh, and a shout out to RenegadePanda's list for making me chuckle quite a bit. Hope everyone's Tuesday is going well.

Top 5 RPG�s

1) Final Fantasy III (VI, whatever)
2) Earthbound
3) Shadow Hearts: Covenant
4) Legend of Legaia
5) Planescape: Torment

Top 5 Sports Games

1) Mutant League Football
2) Caveman Games
3) American Gladiators
4) Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball
5) Base Wars

Top 5 Fighting Games

1) Marvel vs Capcom
2) Rival Schools
3) Street Fighter 3rd Strike
4) Killer Instinct Gold
5) Time Killers

Top 5 Action/Adventure Games

1) Shadow of the Colossus
2) Beyond Good and Evil
3) ICO
4) Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
5) Steel Harbinger

Top 5 Weapons in video games

1) Pistol in Halo: Combat Evolved
2) Spread Gun - Contra
3) Super Shotgun � Doom 2
4) Cerebral Bore �Turok 2
5) Green Turtle Shell � Mario series

Top 5 Villains in video games

1) Kefka � Final Fantasy III (VI, whatever)
2) GLaDOS - Portal
3) Andrew Ryan � Bioshock
4) Albert Wesker � Resident Evil series
5) Mike Tyson � Mike Tyson�s Punch Out

Top 5 FMV Games

1) Phantasmagoria
2) Corpse Killer
3) Bug Blasters: The Exterminators
4) Braindead 13
5) Harvester

Top 5 Video Game Moments

1) Opera scene in Final Fantasy III (VI, whatever)
2) Every moment that occurs because your sanity meter is full in Eternal Darkness
3) Deadly Premonition�s last boss fight
4) Swinging around in Spider-Man 2
5) Dogs jumping through the window in Resident Evil

Top 5 Video Game Heroes

1) Cyan � Final Fantasy III (VI, whatever)
2) Mike Haggar � Final Fight
3) Baby Head � Captain Commando
4) Joachim Valentine � Shadow Hearts: Covenant
5) Mega Man � Mega Man series

Top 5 Video Game Enemies

1) Nurses � Silent Hill series
2) Zombies � Resident Evil 1-3
3) Andore � Final Fight
4) Tonberries � Final Fantasy VII
5) Headcrabs � Half-Life series

Top 5 Video Game Bosses

1) Pyramid Head � Silent Hill 2
2) Birdo � Super Mario Bros 2
3) Abobo � Double Dragon
4) The Butcher � Diablo
5) Kraken - Earthbound

- Sent from my Lisa Frank Dungeon

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