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My continuing goddamn disappointment...

King of Fighters XI,

I've been waiting for so long. Missed release date after missed release date. Scheduling error after shipping mishap. Three months is a long time to keep gamers on their collective toes. Your sweet character lineup and budget pricing are more than enough reasons to shell out just under twenty bucks to the first retailer in my area code to offer up a copy, but when will I get that chance, SNK. Fucking when? November 23rd? Are you sure this time?!?

I guess one more week can't kill me, but...

Contra 4,

Come fucking on! You've got to be kidding me. Fuck Mario and his new amazing adventure. Fuck that over-hyped exercise in pretty to look at, been there done that repetition buried in a faux history lesson: Assassins Creed. I wanted you above all else and you let me down. You let me down like SNK always fucking lets me down. I expect SNK games to come out a year after we all expected an SNK game to come out, but not you. You were a safe bet. I don't know why, but you were goddamn-it. Apparently you also will grace us with your presence on the 23rd of this month (according to Gamestop.com, but NOT Konami's official site). I just hope Gamestop.com fucked up and got it wrong and the stores actually will be selling the game tomorrow.

Or there might be a Game Advisor with a broken nose in Texas.
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