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Banned for XBOX LIVE?!?!

To any who read this, be wary of Microsoft as they can ban your account without letting you know the reason for it. As of September 1 2011, my account ONI5 was banned from XBOX LIVE for Market Place Theft. Now if this had occurred, I wouldn't try to fight a meaningless battle. But it did not happen. I even went so far as asking for the Police Enforcement team to take my hard drive and scan it along with my system if they had to to clear my name. I was even willing to go over each and every item purchased on my account though billing and each and every code that was entered on my system through my account. All I got was the generic message from the forum that is displayed below:

As discussed, your Gamertag was found to be in violation of the Xbox Terms of Use and subsequently banned from accessing Xbox LIVE. We have taken additional steps to review and reconfirm the enforcement action taken against the Gamertag and stand behind the decision.

You can review the Terms of Use at: http://www.xbox.com/en-us/legal/livetou.htm

We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced and we hope you will continue to be a valued customer. Microsoft now considers this issue closed and will take no further action on the matter. For any support needs in the future, please contact 1-800-4MY-XBOX.


Xbox Customer Support
Microsoft Corporation

This is the same answer I received, not once, not twice but 15 times in inquiry to the situation. So being the person I am to not let myself be pushed over, I complained to the BBB about the situation and asked that I either wanted an in-detail, itemized response on what they are accusing me of stealing or reimbursement for the 8 years of XBOX Live that I have paid hundreds of dollars for.

My response form Microsoft was the same, generic response that was handed to me before on the forums. I even spoke to someone, claiming to be from their team. An Andrew King from the XBOX Live Exceptions Analyst Team. Yet, I still got the same BS, saying we can't tell you the exact reason of your suspension. I asked why and was told that if I knew what I was suspeneded for I could use it as an exploit. Again, not an answer but a way to push me from getting an answer.

So this is what I've sent back to the BBB in response to the generic letter and unjustifiable answers given to me.

This is not a response it is a generic answer to hide the fact that they can not tell me what is wrong. This is unprofessional as a business to accuse a customer of theft without any warrant, detailed or itemized proof that they can use to back up their claim of suspension. What are they afraid of if I know what exactly I am being accused of. This is the same as sending a person to be incarcerated without telling them exactly and in detail what their crimes were to be put in that position. It is unfortunate that a business has to hide behind such petty and unneccessary procedures and methods to keep customers in the dark. Is this juet a plot to get a customer to just accept anything that is told to them by the company and make a new account and spend the same amount of money, with the chance of it happening again. Fool me once shame on them. But to get me to do it over and spend hundreds of dollars, without as much as a glimmer of respect to me, to tell me what I am at fault for? This is clearly bad business on Microsoft's part and I will post this letter in multiple forums, newsletters, game review sites and communities to further get the word out about the antics of this company and how their two-faced code of conduct does not protect the customer but in fact condemns the customer.

All I asked for was the detailed, itemized proof of what I've done and I have been shunned multiple times by Microsoft. As a person who actually works in the industry of selling their products I can't tell you how suprised an appalled I am by the actions that have occurred. I will continue my crusade until I have at least an answer or some type of compensation for the 8 years that I have given the company out of my life and out of my pocket.

I don't really expect to hear anything from Microsoft other than another generic letter, but I am giving this as a warning for others. You may or may not have this happen, but if you do get banned falsely, MS will NEVER tell you why.

Anyhoo, my game buying days are over for now and will only be filled with rentals as I refuse to give MS any more money.
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