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How to sell PC games.

The one thing that crosses my mind in the Console vs PC war is "why are consoles successful?" And it relies on a simple thing that crosses consumers minds. Longevity and security. PC needs a platform that upgrades every five years, and h...


About OMGLOLZone of us since 3:05 PM on 03.08.2008

I am pretty awesome, I'm a nice guy. I actually just lied to you, right to your stupid face. I bet you hate me. Stop reading this, I'm wasting your time.

Anyways, I'm a laid-back guy, with a sense of humor, and I love doing what I do. Which happens to be nothing. When I'm not doing nothing (DOUBLE NEGATIVE) I'm busy doing things that aren't important; like gaming!

I love Devil May Cry, and sometimes I cry when a great comes out on PC. I'm not a very good PC gamer, and my PC runs Crysis only on low (Barely, it crashes every 3 minutes).

If you're showing an interest in anything I type, feedback is fantastic. I'll do my best to waste my time as well as yours, just drop me a line, and gimme some advice, I have an opinion on everything.

Yes everything. Even what you're thinking right now. I think it's stupid.

P.S: I hate Jim Sterling.

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