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Can There Ever Be A Winner?!

So, most of you have probably already read Sterling's post on how the PS3 could be uber, as I did just a little while ago. It's a great post, and along with the news of Warner Bros going BR exclusive, and the HD-DVD camp bailing on CES, it ...


Mr. Destructoid Goes 3D! Take A Look!

So, I recently “got a copy” of Maya Ultimate 2008 and decided to start screwing around with it. My first non-tutorial scene just happens to be the best mascot EVER! I couldn't decided off the bat what I wanted to experiment with first, but ...


DO NOT Install the New x64 Vista Patch!!!

Heads up to all the PC gamers out there running the Vista 64-bit edition, DO NOT INSTALL "Update for Windows Vista for x64-Based Systems" (KB933928) if your running an Nvidia (maybe others too) graphics card. Within 5 minutes of running AN...


Best TF2 Screen Shot Ever! (and a bonus)

This was so perfectly timed it's not even funny. When you get killed in TF2 it pauses for a bit, and gives you a chance to take a screen shot of your killer... sometimes to fantastic results... Both of these shots happened in near split sec...


Team Fortress 2 Is Amazing! (/w cool screens)

So I just finished building my new computer, and the first thing I did when it was done, was to start downloading TF2. The character classes are well balanced, you need all of them to succeed, and the Uber-medic ability rocks the house!!! ...



So here's my collage of pictures brought about by my recent purchase. It took me around 4 hours... here's some of the shots... All the parts, wow, that's a lot of shit, here we go... Case... checked all the parts to make sure they fi...


It's HERE!!!

So, as I blogged about last night, I just blew 2.5 large on a new PC. Well, it's here, and as promised I'm going to be making a "making of" my new PC in pictures. To start the whole thing out, here are some pics of my just arrived stuf...


Late Night Splurge, Just Spent $2500... Ouch!

On a new PC... I finally broke down and did it and ordered myself a brand new PC (in pieces) from NewEgg.com. I recently got a job and all that money was burning a whole in my pocket... well not really, my current PC just isn't cutting it ...


The Best Yet?! You Decide!

My previous attempts to make “self-playing” stages came out pretty good, and I was starting to think I'd be hard pressed to make one better than my first... but I think I've done it. This one is the longest yet, and took almost twice as lon...


OMG! I Made Mario Masturbate AGAIN!!! (SFW)

If anyone managed to miss my blog post late last night, check out my first attempt. These take a SHIT-TON of work (and testing) and I'm just starting to get the "feel" of some new tricks (as you can see). I've got two or three in the works...


This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things!

As soon as D-toid opened the titles up to BBCode this chain of events occurred: 1. Blog titles started to flash, this is annoying, but okay... 2. Blog titles started to scroll, also annoying, but okay... 3. Blog headers started to scroll...


Any D-Toiders Currently In The Fury Beta?

I'm signing up right now, just got the beta invite in the mail and I've heard it's good if you like to PvP. I'm going to start it up tonight, but I was wondering if there were multiple servers and such, and if any D-Toid members were hookin...


My Ode to BioShock... "The Trials of Rapture"

I was bored and needed to give my Wii a chance to cool down, so I stopped playing MP3 for a bit and decided to finish off BioShock (was right at the end of my second time through on hard). After watching the bad ending I decided I needed to...


Finally... My Wii Gets To Be Primed!!!

After spending all yesterday fruitlessly searching for Prime 3, and all this morning pestering Wal-Mart and Target employees. EB called to tell me they got their shipment of Prime 3. I just got home, I just put it in and booted it. Even th...


IGN Gives Metroid 3 a 9.5!

It's a pretty glowing review, which can be read here with only the smallest of complaints. I'd quote more but it's a very well written review and I just recommend you read the whole article. Matt Casamassina ends his closing comments with:...


Destructoid, I Need Some Advice... Help!

Let me start this off by saying that I don't care what anyone else thinks of Prime 3, I want it really bad, that's not what this is about. So if your a Wii hater, shelve your feelings and just pretend I'm talking about a 360 or PS3 game. I...


The Unreal Engine: Getting Games Played Since '98

The Unreal Engine truly has lived up to it's name, it's brought gamers intense FPS action in many flavors for many years. Be it a fast paced on-line FPS, or a in-depth single player experience, the Unreal Engine manages to run well on mi...


About Nyteshadeone of us since 2:30 PM on 06.24.2007

Alright, basic intro:

I was born in 1984, which means I grew up just a tad late to be an Atari front runner (still got one and played the shit outta it) but I did get to grow up with Nintendo. I've bought every Nintendo console on release day (Wii included, 32 hours outside of Wal-mart).

I'm a "hardcore gamer" but I detest the term and I won't fit into any damn mold! I LOVE retro games, and I think 90% of the shit on the game market right now isn't worth the time or money I'd have to spend to burn those shitty studios that make these games to the ground.

I hate the fact that the FPS genre has become so flooded it's hard to find anything good and not WWII, and I think the last good FPS was Half-life 2 (HL2+Source+Bioshock WTF PWN ALL).

I've been PC gaming since I was 3

Shit I've bought:

Nintendo - NES, SNES, Gameboy, Gameboy Pocket, Gameboy Color, N64, Game Boy Color, GB Advance (+SP), Virtual Boy (fun ass system imo), Gamecube, GB Micro (was a gift, I prolly wouldn't have bought one), DS, DS Lite, Wii.

Sony - Playstation, Playstation 2 (3 of em so far), PSone. Gonna buy a PS3 only if it's under $300, and a PSP when it's cheaper.

M$ - Winblows 3.1 up to Vista Ultimate (I bit the bullet and got Vista when I built my latest PC), Xbox. Gonna buy a 360 when the revamped 65nm version is down under $300.

The first computer I gamed on:
Name: IBM Personal Computer 5150
Processor: Intel 8088 @ 4.77 MHz (A beast!)
Memory: 64 KiB
Hard Drive: Ehhh... Nope.
Network card: Hehe... nope.
Keyboard: "Compared to the keyboards of other small computers, the IBM PC keyboard is the Rolls-Royce." Real quote from a review back in the day!
Monitor: 8" CGA graphic mode; 320 x 200 resolution.

My Current PC:
MB: ASUS P5N32-E NVIDIA nForce 680i SLI
Proc: Intel Quad Core Q6600
RAM: 4Gbs of Patriot Extreme Performance DDR2 800
VidCard: 2x (SLI'ed) EVGA 320-P2-N815-AR GeForce 8800GTS 320MB

My Backup Computer:
MB: MSI K8T Neo,
Proc: AMD64 2100+ w/ 1mb L2 Cache
RAM: 2Gb DDR 400
VidCard: Nvidia Geforce 7800 GS, 512 Mb