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Demonoid Back Online


Officially as of yesterday, Demonoid has opened its doors back up and is back online. Demonoid shut down almost 5 months ago due to threats by the CRIA (Canadian Recording Industry Association). Demonoid had been hosting its servers in Canada due to the legality up there (eh?!). The CRIA didn't take that lightly and I'm sure the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) had a part in it too.

The message posted by Demonoid was simply, "The CRIA threatened the company renting the servers to us, and because of this it is not possible to keep the site online. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your understanding."

From that point on the users of Demonoid were left in the dark guessing and wondering if the site would ever come back online or if it was down for good. Most had hope and small hints that it would return.

Well, finally yesterday the site went live again after moving its servers and tieing up the lose ends that were required.

Some of you may not agree with torrent sites and so forth. I, for one, am a full supporter. That doesn't mean I condone piracy, which is the main reason torrent sites are frowned upon, but there is also plenty of legal and free things you can download from sites such as Demonoid as well.

Some may also ask, "What's so special about Demonoid?" A worthy question I would say. A few reasons actually. If anyone is familiar with torrent sites most are not very well moderated and usually you are just downloading blind hoping the file is what you just searched for. Demonoid does a few things other torrent sites don't. Firstly, it posts torrents in a blog format. This allows you to see a description of the torrent and any comments people might have including thank yous and help if needed. The site also is very well known for killing and fake torrents or bad torrents quickly. Users can report bad torrents and if thats the case they will be killed accordingly.

That leads into the next big part of Demonoid, the community. The community is what really makes Demonoid what it is. It allows for that "torrent moderation" and the community feel that Demonoid has. Something no other torrent site has. The site is also has limited registrations meaning that you have to get in when they open registration or get an invite from a current member. Without being a member you can still search and download newer torrents, but there is a cutoff date. Anything older than that you need to belong to the site to download the file. Some may think its not worth it, but trust me in that it is. Once you've experienced you will understand what I mean.

It also doesn't hurt that Demonoid is known for also finding more obscure or hard to find torrents. So, with all that said get back on Demonoid and start torrenting (the legal kind of course ).
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