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Freedom: Views from a half-psycho gamer

Freedom in games. Like pretty much every topic regarding games, one that I consider to be worthy of study. On the other hand, as a videogame aficionado, you shouldn't trust my word on that, since I consider pretty much every aspect of gam...


About NukilarCommandoone of us since 7:35 AM on 10.08.2010

Part gamer/geek/redneck, prone to blowing up one of my hands some day. Got into gaming with a "Turbogame", a console made by CCE that kinda resembled an Atari. Grew up playing both SNES and Mega Drive (or "Sega Genesis"). First videogame to be owned through "own funds" was a Nintendo 64. Currently own a 360 and a PC.

Also, I think arguing over which is better: Xbox, PS3 or PC is a complete waste of time. I intend to have all of them, so there I can ignore this whole "exclusive" banter.

I also like beer and "Churrasco", a traditional Gaucho barbeque.