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VGdrum: Star Fox

Via Pixelitis:

Via Youtube:

MAN I love me some Star Fox. Yes, I skipped out on requests again because I’ve been wanting to do some of this music for a long while.

Even with its outdated visuals, the original Star Fox is still a blast to play, and the music has a lot to do with it too – it’s epic! Starting right as you hit the power switch to the end, the music just goes through so many dramatic phases, I love it. From the ominous intro, pop-out Title Screen music, to the pretty “control screen” part, the dramatic map screen, followed by an intense “Scramble” sequence where the Arwings bust out amidst a blaring alarm, and then BAM, upbeat orchestral-meets-rock Corneria music. So good.

I’m disappointed that Hajime Hirasawa didn’t continue a career path in game music, but nevertheless we can safely say it began and ended with a bang. I wish the later Star Fox games used his style more often, not to knock on the soundtracks of Star Fox 64 or even Star Fox Assault.

I use a lot of cymbals in these songs, which doesn’t help when recording on an old camcorder. Just more proof that I need a better recording setup. If I could only afford one! “Boss (Titania)” had to go through a few revisions because a Neil Peart-esque beat I was doing with the ride cymbal didn’t lend itself well to the song. I tried my best to enhance the bass and lower the brightness of the cymbals but there isn’t much I can do given my equipment to make the double bass more audible. Imagine it in your head :P I’m also aware of just a little timing snag in the middle of “Boss (Titania).”

Oh, and stick around for the credits. Just ’cause.

Music: “Corneria,” “Boss (Corneria),” “Boss (Titania),” & “Course Clear (Band Version).”

Music composed by Hajime Hirasawa.

Star Fox (known as Starwing in Europe) was developed by Nintendo EAD and Argonaut Software and published by Nintendo in 1993 for the Super Nintendo/Super Famicom.

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