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VGdrum Request IX: Secret of Mana "Danger"

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I really wanted to do this track a couple years back but I always experienced audio/video sync issues. Now it's better! I love this track.

Secret of Mana is such a great game. I remember first playing it on my SNES after renting it from a local rental place. I enjoyed it immensely, wonky hit detection and all. I also have fond memories of having to teach every friend I played with how to work the ring menu system.

I'll admit I don't own the actual cartridge, although I had borrowed it from a friend from back in the day and played through it on my own. As soon as it was available for purchase for only 800 Wii Points on the Virtual Console, I jumped on it. Since then I've had a save dedicated to it in which I only play so long as I have 2 other friends to do co-op with.

Secret of Mana also has one of the greatest SNES soundtracks of all time. Everything Hiroki Kikuta composed for this game is eclectic and astounding. And I just love the double-bass in this particular boss battle piece. It's tough to get that timing right! The Seinfeld-esque bass guitar is another highlight of this over-the-top, dramatic track. There's a million boss battles in this game, too, so you get to hear it more often! :D

It's kinda depressing to think that this game's content was cut considerably due to the SNES CD add-on being canceled. And let's not forget the fact that they barely gave Ted Woolsey any time to translate this game, which resulted in huge cuts to the backstory.

By the way, I added a little something after the credits, too. Just saying.

Special thanks to Destructoid, GamerRant, and GilisMunny for their support!

Requested by Ace Aileron, among other fans.

"Danger" was composed by Hiroki Kikuta.

Secret of Mana (known as Seiken Densetsu 2 in Japan) was developed and published by Square (now Square-Enix) in 1993 for the Super Nintendo/Super Famicom, Nintendo Wii Virtual Console, and Apple iOS devices.

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