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The Gamma Bros. Are Eternal!

So I know there are many of you out there that have played this game, but Gamma Bros. is seriously one of my favorite games I've played this year. And those of you who haven't played it, please kindly escort yourself here.

Gamma Bros. is an homage back to the old school days of arcade shooters, and at first glance really doesn't seem to be that big of deal. I just thought it was going to be another random, mediocre flash shooter that would provide some momentary entertainment. Boy, was I wrong. As I played this, I couldn't help be in awe of all the detail that was put into this game. This was a game crafted by those who truly love gaming. Because everyone here at Dtoid loves lists, here's a list of reasons why this game rocks.

1.Sweet Neo Retro Graphics
Just looking at the game, I can't help be nostalgic. Well, I mean, if you were lucky enough to grew up in the 8-bit era, you can get nostalgic. Everyone else will just have to fake it.

2.Great Level Design
The levels are made in such a way you are always being exposed to something new. Not only are they constantly introducing new enemies, but they being thrown at you in different ways. Yea, other games have made the enemies come from different parts of the screen and/or allow you to shoot in four directions, but I couldn't help but notice the careful and methodical way PixelJam chose each wave of enemies. Example: Just when you got comfortable shoot from the left side of the screen and killing cannon fodder on the right, the next wave of enemies enters behind you, causing you to quickly change your game plan and now fight from left to right. These kind of changes happen, constantly keep you on your toes, and engaged in the game.

3.Sweet Tunes
The music in this game is pretty awesome. I especially enjoyed the two versions of the theme song you can download after you beat the game. They're pretty epic.

4.The Sense of Discovery
Nothing in this game is really spelled out for you. You kind of just figure out what each of the icons do by getting them. You kind of just figure out how the health system works. You just learn the ropes by playing. This might be annoying to some, but I really thought it was very refreshing. It's a lot better than being bombarded with this.

5.Amazing Balance of Difficulty
In the days of deciding what's "hardcore" and "casual", this game does probably one the best balancing acts between the two different camps. With it's simple controls and concept, it's really easy to pick up and start shooting stuff. The game also features a pretty forgiving "life" system. You get two lives, being the two brothers, each with a ship. The ships have a decent amount of health, and when the ship runs out of health, you eject from the ship with a jet pack and a shield, effectively giving you your last two hits with that brother. When one bro dies, the other comes in. In addition to all this, the game gives you many opportunities to refill health, get shields, and even purchase a replacement ship. Yet, even with the seemingly ridiculous amount of slack, if you aren't on your A-game, you can fail pretty fast. Like I was saying earlier, this game constantly mixes up what is thrown at you, so if you zone off, you're going to get f***ed up. Also, for all those hardcore guys out there, it's pretty challenging to make it through the game without replacing a ship, and there's a pretty insane scoreboard.

So, there you have it.

Anyone care to agree/disagree with what I have said???
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