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Winter (aka, third-parties fail the Wii again)

Hardcore games aren't for a kid's console. This is effectively what every publisher told developer n-Space, who in 2007 was trying to find a publisher and a backer for a game they thought the Wii deserved.


At first one would immediately detract from the game, citing its "last-gen graphics" and "clunky gameplay." What you then must realize is that this was a pitch demo, made by a twelve-man team, on extra-curricular activity, in six weeks. If that's what they could do with such constraints, imagine what could have been accomplished with the backing of a strong publisher.

This demo was created all the way back in March 2007. Eventually, n-Space gave up on the title, and it is now in development hell, as no publisher chose to support the game.

"In almost every case we got hung up with the sales and marketing groups. They simply could not get behind a survival horror title on the Wii. In spite of great sales for Resident Evil 4 and the Umbrella Chronicles, these groups were unable to support the projections required to create a viable P&L for the title. The idea of an "adult" game on what they perceived to be a "kids" console was simply too big a leap for them, regardless of the enthusiastic support of the PD department and the Wii's total domination in the marketplace."

I don't know about you, but I personally find that to be absolutely depressing and yet sickeningly laughable at the same time. The sad thing is that even though this took place back in early 2007, I would still in a heartbeat believe such things take place today, as we see third-parties look the other way, misread, and outright defame the market leader.

I personally have been wanting an adventure or survival/horror game for Wii for quite a long time, as I felt the control interface could be utilized in very involving and entertaining ways--in fact, what I saw in that trailer for Winter was exactly what I wanted. Imagine my disappointment to ascertain it was not to be.

Winter was a game that deserved to be made--is there anyone here who will honestly say this is outshined by most of Wii's third-party offerings? Now, with the Wii having such a staggering install base, I sincerely hope IGN's spotlight of this game will make some level-headed publisher out there contact n-Space (who to this day wants to make this game a reality) and let this project come true. With a sugar daddy backing them and a respectable window of time, I'd be very interested to see what n-Space can do.

Of course, what I fear is most likely to happen is the industry looking down their nose at the market leader yet again, and leaving this unfortunate game to die a very lonely death.
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