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In case you didn't know, ETRIAN ODYSSEY 3!!!

Fuck Arkham Asylum and Force Unleashed, we're getting another Etrian Odyssey! And this time you can have pirates and ninjas in your party!

The latest Famitsu magazine broke the announcement, and Atlus Jpn has brought a teaser/dev site for the game online.

Glorious scans of Etrian Odyssey 3 here.

GoNintendo has done a good job of scraping together details on the game. So far, we know that this game has been in development for two years, but Atlus took their time because they specifically didn't want this game to have a case of sequelitis like the second game. They ultimately decided on a maritime/oceanic theme, to shake up the game's aesthetics and world. Not only do you have the labyrinth to explore, but you also can board your ship and explore the sea, engaging in "Oceanic Quests." You'll even be able to play oceanographer, since you map out the ocean just as you do the dungeons. Atlus has also said they don't want to disappoint their fans in regards to the challenge and difficulty of the game.

Yuji Himukai returns with his trademark art style, and he's redesigning every character class in terms of art. So far we have about six new classes: Aristocrat, Shepherd, Monk, Phalanx, Pirate, and Ninja. Most appear to be hybrids, as the Pirate is said to use guns and swords/tricks; the Phalanx uses spears and serves as a tank; the Monk fights unarmed and uses her ki to heal; and Aristocrats serve as stat-buffers.

Yuzo Koshiro also returns to provide the soundtrack, and Atlus is beating their chests in regard to Etrian Odyssey 3's audio design. They've asserted that EO3 will have a far larger soundtrack than the previous games, and that they're pushing the DS's sound processors and speakers to their limits. They also told us to expect considerable change in regards to boss music design.

Etrian Odyssey 3 is in its debugging stage, and is set to release in Japan on March 4, 2010. The Japanese pre-order bonus is a complete OST; but I'm praying that the US will get an artbook for the spoils.
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