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How are you doing in Etrian Odyssey 2?

I grabbed the game today (got the last copy at GameCrazy, too) and gosh, I already feel the game's enticing caress, like that of a damnable succubus.

It took me over an hour to decide on a starting party (=p) what with synergy, name, and portrait. I used the password to get my old guild name and the town crown, and now I've just finished the very first mission.

My party for now (I'm thinking of replacing someone with a Beast when I get one):

Tatsuki - Ronin (female 1)
Elric - Protector (male 1)
Hilde - Landsknecht (female 2)
Dylan - Medic (male 2)
Leia - Troubadour (female 1)

I notice it's a lot tougher than the first game off the bat (most enemies have 40+ HP on the first floor and it takes a ton of XP to level up), but it's still so damned fun. Without giving away too much of the twists and later stuff in the game, what's your party and how are you liking the game?
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