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I finished Danganronpa V3, and the minigames after it's over are pretty neat, but I don't really find myself motivated to play them at all like I did the ones from the first two. I don't know why, they're just bland to me.


Being that I am a mature, responsible adult, and also one appreciative of the arts, I just made a reasonable purchase.


I need a new ringtone for my new phone, and I usually have something video-game related, but this time I'm drawing a blank. It's usually some sort of in-universe ringtone. Anyone got any suggestions?


Resident Evil 7 is the best RE game in over a decade. It's amazing. Never before have I been so happy to find a new weapon than playing this game.


My save for World of Final Fantasy just got corrupted. I just lost 30 hours of progress. I don't know what to say. I'm devastated.


I just went from having no games to play to having too many. Picked up Dragon Quest Builders and am digging that, but Corpse Party and World of Final Fantasy both came in yesterday and I want to play all three! #FirstNerdProblems


Gaming is like a prostitute; I can't afford the ones I really want.


I paused my internet radio and went to get food, then forgot about it when I got back to my PC, so I had a nice scare when the buffer ran out and I heard music playing from out of nowhere.


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