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E.A. really isnt the worst.

This is in response to E.A. winning worst company again.

I'm fully certain that the people that voted for this are also the ones who argue against digital download only games and always online gaming systems. Further evidence that the gaming community is broken.

"Digital download only who make so their wouldn't be a way to barrow games"

You can barrow books on a nook can't you? That can be done the same way here. Plus eliminating the beloved Gamestop would lower game prices 20-30%.

"With always online what if my internet goes out?"

In which i reply with "My electric might go out...won't buy a vacuum." - Microsoft Employe

Although it MAY hinder you at one point in time...an always on line system will run and work through the internet faster, because it doesn't know how to do it any other way.

I work in the game industry as a beta tester and level designer. I personally think the gaming community can only look at what's wrong at something because of C.o.D. It isn't my favorite game but it does have it's places. It does create a war between games being the juggernaut that it is and so then in the heated arguments people get in to they fight about what's bad about the others game. As a result young people today believe there can only be things wrong with something never anything good.

I am not part of E.A. nor do they effect me; although, I love
them for they produce my all of my favorite games...I buy every bit of
DLC...and have used their customer serves 3 times and never had a
problem. E.A. is my favorite publisher.

Something is wrong with the gaming community.
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