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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker - Why People Hated it/Loved it

What I wanted to do with this blog is just cover the positive and negative aspects of the Wind Waker. More importantly I wanted to write about why people hated it or loved it. I'm not speaking only about the Dtoid community but the reaction to the game in general. Go ahead and correct me, tell me why you hated or loved this game and what I could do better about my blogging.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is more of a spiritual successor to the Nintendo 64 games then a true sequel. You don't play Link necessarily. You play a hero in green instead (so much different I know). That isn't what got people riled up though. It was the games graphics. Nintendo chose to use cell shading for the Wind Waker and I think that was the perfect choice for what they did with the game. This style of graphics was so completely different then just about everything out there. Another unique thing about the game was that it is all based around the sea. You will probably be sailing for at least 30 percent of the game if not more.

The game starts off with you on your home island. Eventually your sister gets stolen and you go off on your epic adventure. Now to say the world in which you have this adventure is large is an understatement. The world is massive. It is a giant sea with dozens of islands. Like Zelda games that came before Wind Waker you are free to explore the world. This is however another place where people got angry about the game. Instead of riding your horse over epic locations, you sailed. After you sailed you would sail some more. This is really where some people got turned off of the game. Others like me found this intensely satisfying.

Sailing, I think, is where the games graphics completely make the game. The reason being is it gives you fantastic draw distance. So while you are sailing you can see islands popping up on the horizon. Another fantastic thing about the sailing was the weather. It could be sunny one minute and then you could be in a giant storm under attack from one of the many ocean dwelling enemies looking for an island to get to safety. The wind in this game was a factor as well. Since you are sailing, you know, with a sail it depends which direction the wind is blowing. This is where the magical conductors baton the Wind Waker comes in. It gives you to ability to control the wind, the time of day and it even lets you use whirlwinds to transport you all over the map.

Hopefully you liked this very short summary on some of the controversial subjects of Wind Waker. This game was one of the most under unappreciated Gamecube games out there. If you haven't played it and own a Gamecube or a Wii go out and buy this game!
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