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Photohunting in Halo 3 (Some Spoilers)

Damn, I wish every game had a function like Halo's surprisingly cool Theatre option. To hell with playing the game, I spent hours tinkering in the theatre and looking for some cool shots. Anyway, here are a few choice ones out of heaps t...


Get Halo 3 for only 60 Kangaroo Dollars!

(Sorry my foreign chums, but this is an Australian only thing as far as I know. But to give you an idea of the exchange rate, we are paying $100AU for the standard Halo 3, which equates to about $83US.) If you're in Australia then you've...


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Hey guys I'm Nocturnal_XVIII.

I've been gaming since I was four, and I'm currently struggling with being a poor gamer in Australia. At least the late releases give me a chance to save some cash, kinda.

Currently I own an Atari 2600, SNES, DS, Xbox and a PS2, and I'm starting to collect some of the older consoles (If anyone has any they're selling cheap, message me!) Some time in the near future I'll also be getting a 360, a NES and a new Monster PC.

I'm currently studying film, and I'll be studying game design next year with any luck. If you actually bothered to read this far then congratulations, you got further than I did proofreading this.

My Myspace page can be found here.