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*blows off the cobwebs and dusts down the blog* Recently Reggie Fils-Aime stated that he felt that gamers were ďnever satisfiedĒ citing the reaction from the Nintendoís E3. Without going too much into details, I tend to mostly agree wit...


Noctis Jukebox

Well, Iíve got some stuff in the pipe lines at the moment of which you guys should be getting to glimpse very soon, once Iíve work a few bugs out. In the mean time letís listen to some great video game music with the Notics Jukebox. Title...


Noctis Jukebox

Well, I promised it would return and I stand by that. Noctis Juke box is back, bringing to you a collection of great videogame tunes you might not have heard of or wouldnít mind hearing again. Title: Wacky Workshop: Present (US) Game: So...


Noctis Jukebox

Well since Desturctoid was down last week, there was no Noctis Juke Box! So you know what that means? Thatís right! 6 pieces of awesome gaming music was you to enjoy! Because at this blog we remember that great video enhances the playing ...


Noctis Jukebox

I may be busy with uni work and trying to get the prototypes to function, but donít think that means Iíve forgotten about the about all that great video game music. Though most of industry may have forgotten about providing memorable or m...


Noctis Dissertation

Well Iíve made mention of my dissertation (still looking for testers and interviewees) but I thought I would share a little bit of what Iím building at the moment for the prototype test, so you know Iím not wasting my time. If you haven't a...


Noctis Jukebox

Noctis Jukebox is back. To make up for the lack of updates last week Iíll be giving six pieces of music for this week and then weíll be moving back to regular program of the past weeks. On a side note, I would like to say, Iím really sor...


Uni Dissertation

Sorry, I've been absent, I've been very busy with real life issues and uni come back with vengeance, speaking of which. I have been writing post - speaking of which, would anyone like to be a proof reader/editor? Iím not sure if Iím allow...


About NoctisDragonGamerone of us since 6:42 AM on 12.06.2011

NoctisDragonGamer - is a gamer who has been playing video game for most of his life. Hailing from the magical land of England, though he considers himself British, he is a gamer with too much time on his hands and is just enough of a snob to make, hopefully, interesting points about gaming, both pass and present, and the culture that surrounds it.

In his spare time, when he's not forgetting that he needs to eat and sleep to survive, he is writing novels, creating and designing games of his own, and trying to get through his university course, where he is studying games design. He also likes to edit Wikipedia, so lazy secondary school student will fail their GCSE.

His favourite game series include, but are not limited to, The Legend of Zelda, Civilization, Mario, Half-Life, Time Splitters, The Gaia Trilogy, Probotector/Contra, Metroid, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Mother, and Silent Hill.

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