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WoW players, your prayers have been answerd!

ABC News reports DARPA developing the tech to circumvent the need for that pesky thing called sleep. [quote="ABC News"]The treatment is "a totally new route for increasing arousal, and the new study shows it to be relatively benign," sa...


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Bears are big-ass, ornery MoFos, but you probably knew that. What you may not know is that bears enjoy Survival Horror, Platformers, some RPGs, but mostly any game with solid character/story development fueled by copious amounts of Mountain Dew. These are the important details that Animal Planet tends to leave out and I would be remiss if I left you to find out in the streets amongst the ill informed.

As for this bear, my favorite games include (but are not limited to) RE3, Ratchet&Clank, FFX, FFXII, Psyconauts, Silent Hill 1. I am also currently a poor-ass bitch so unless someone wants to donate $600 to my cause Next Gen will have to wait.In the meantime, PC Games have become a large part of my gaming diet; this includes the Halflife games, Bioshock and Portal.

[more may be added as I think of it or suddenly become obscenely rich.]