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Is Left 4 Dead now 'infected' by cheaters? What I'm hoping for in the form of a patch and DLC...

There are plenty of 'glitches' in Left 4 Dead for the 360, but there's one in particular that bothers me. People have discovered that the Hunter is strong enough to push some large environment objects around, such as the forklift among others in 'No Mercy'. It's in the elevator level, at the top of the building where the survivors have one last stretch before making it to the safe house. Below is a link to a video, though most of you have likely experienced it, or have caused this to happen.


I usually don't mind exploiting cheap tricks, but this has been happening in what seems like every other verses games I've been playing this past week. Each time, the Special Infected team either... 1) Kills the Survivors because they're trapped....2) Drains them down to no health and then moves the blocking object...or... 3)The Survivors all start crying and quit. Usually a mixture of 3 and the other two happen.

I'll admit, the first time this happened, I was a special infected and I thought it was pretty funny. The survivors were also having a fun time, no one quit or even complained, and eventually my team moved the object and we continued our game. But a week later I first started seeing it, it's not funny anymore, and when it happens it throws a wrench into the flow of a good, fair match.

When the inevitable DLC hits Xbox LIVE, I'm hoping Valve can include an update and make the forklifts unmovable. I'm also hoping for some more verses maps....seriously.

What do you guys think of the elevator blocking glitch, am I just being a whiny little baby or is this pissing other people off? Also, what are you guys hoping for in the future DLC?
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