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Hello! booga booga. Alright, well this never starts out the way I originally intended it but here we go. Try one.
I got into gaming with I'm sure as anyone else, just trying to find something appealing and keep my mind off from what my penis felt like. <-KIDDING or maybe not. This is judgement unclear. BUT. You know first it started with classic mario then upgrading to Mortal Kombat and then eventually getting deeper and further into a culture I had no idea would consume a majority of my time and life and feel as if I had an obligation of throwing controllers and yelling at friends. Memmmoriessss.
Okay well, other than that I enjoy the comic variety and my taste in those are pretty much on a spectrum of different variations between Marvel and DC and some Dark Horse and Vertigo but other than that I couldn't start to get into it much.
As for a line of games I'm interested it mainly goes full circle of all different platforms and genres. I have to say I stray away from sports related entertainment but everyone has at least one category they're not to fond of. In the end, I hope to make this something interesting for everyone