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Weekly Web-comic Review

So I signed up for a Destructoid account a few months back when they were having their contest for PAX. Unfortunately, I never actually got around to posting anything and my addition to the Destructoid community went unnoticed. Of course I still frequented the site, but every day I would be taunted with threats about how god thought I sucked.

No longer I say!

I racked my brain and decided that I could actually contribute something! My contribution? Well even though it's not exactly gaming related, I want to try to introduce you guys to some new web-comics you may never have heard of, assuming of course that you read such things. I think I'll call it the weekly web-comic review. And I'll do it on Wednesdays. 'Cuz I like alliteration like dat.

I would like to point out a few things first....

1. I will not touch popular web-comics. Everybody already knows them anyway. These include but are not limited to, Penny-Arcade, ctrl alt del, VG cats, Diesel Sweeties, 8-bit theater, and PvP to name a few.

2. If you guys know of any good web-comics let me know about 'em! I have a ton a free time anyway, and i welcome the addition of more time... wasting.. things... I also may or may not mock your suggestion, that is if the comic itself sucks.

3. Let me know what you guys think! Think I'm a dick? Let me know! Wanna call me out on something? Have at it! Going to a party this Friday and you need someone to make sure you don't wake up in a ditch smelling of feces? Anytime! Talking to pumpkins and mumbling to yourself? Well, you might wanna see a doctor about that last one....

... and anything else I eventually think of.
So without much more unnecessary delay

For my first review, I'll be looking at Hockey Zombie, a web-comic by Chris van Gompel, started sometime in-between 2004 and 2005( I think). I bring up Hockey Zombie mainly because I came up with my whole review shtick because Mxyzptlk linked 'em. So how we gonna break this thing down?


Well, simply put Hockey Zombie is about, a hockey player turned zombie. And because of that I immediately give it bonus points. I love hockey, and zombies, and the combination of the two is nothing short of pure awesome.

The story itself is a direct continuation of a previous web-comic done by Chris, which ended with the titular character of hockey zombie (chris) being shot and going to hell. Well, not the bad hell, but the good hell.....


It makes sense if you read the damn thing!

Point is, Chris goes to hell, comes back as a a zombie to live with his roommate Kurt, and all sorts of crazy hi-jinks ensue. Seriously. Heads explode because of these zany hi-jinks.
Overall, the whole zombie thing is definitely a fresh take on the buddy comic, and a prevalent sense of random humor produces comedy gold like this

And this.

See? ZANY!!!


Like many web-comics, the art in the early comics is kind of "meh". But I have to say, by the time I got to the later dates in the archive the art started to grow on me. It's got a subtle kind of charm and is definitely fun to look at. It's not an entirely unique or new style, but it definitely doesn't suck and that is always a plus in my book.


And by extras I mean sweet stuff lyin' round the site. Most immediately apparent are the six extra(?) web-comics on the sidebar. I'm not entirely sure how they're related to the site, but they definitely are entertaining (except for assbath, WTF is up with it, I don't know)if not short. Car vs. Motorcycle is an humorous prelude to the main comic and An 80's Cad is definitely good for some laughs. Or chortles if that's your thing.....

There's also a forum I didn't join because.... I didn't....
God! What do you want from me? Answers?!! Back off man!

Anyway. The forums are probably....forum like. There's some kind of arcade set up with classic pc/arcade games witch I assume are awesome. Assume because I needed a forum i.d. Which I didn't have....

What did I tell you man!?
Back off!


So I'd have to say that overall I was really surprised at how hilarious hockey zombie turned out to be. I'd have to say that if you have some downtime you should definitely check it out.
And if you don't have free time go anyway. C'mon, you know you wanna....

3 crappily made ms paint stars out of 4*

*i use a four star system because it's one I'm used to. Perhaps I'll explain some other time.
Also (sharks and) cocks

*edit- I got rid of some random stuff that somehow cropped up in the post. It only appeared when I used internet explorer though, which was weird. Anyone know why some random symbols and letters might appear where my apostrophes and periods should be? I did copy and paste from word so that might have something to do with it, but if anybody has any answers could you forward let me know?
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