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Rant: I hate my team....


I. Hate. Idiots.

Seriously. I'm usually happy go lucky and for the most part I could care less about what happens in an online match. But there will be times when I'm paired a team so idiotic, so asinine in their efforts, that I can't help but fume like a six year old who can't beat Megaman 2. And as such, this is my rant for every person who has ever failed at team fortress 2.

I should also preface this by saying I own the 360 version of the orange box, and I'd prefer it if we could avoid the whole "n00b, buy it for the p.c.!" affair. The fact of the matter is, I prefer the game on the 360. Deal with it.

On with the ranting!

Things that people do in tf2 that piss me off include....

-People who insist on staying a class despite the fact that a) they suck at it or b) theres five other people in the same class( Why do we have five snipers ??!!!!). What's even worse is a combination of the two....
Take into account what your team is doing, and pick a class that will accentuate the team, not cripple it.

-People who cause lag. You have a shitty connection, realize it! And I don't mean minor slowdown when you enter a game. I mean when you enter a game during the last few minutes of a round and everything slow to a churn. We didn't play the entire round at this pace, and your just being a dick by sticking around. No it won't get better if you stick around, and no it's not someone else. If you noticed that a game is severely lagging when you enter a game theres a good chance its your connection. As such, you're better off trying your luck elsewhere....

-People who friend you right after a game, despite the fact that you haven't said a single word to them. It just weirds me out, if you don't know someone ( and especially if you haven't said a word to them) please to try to add them to your friends.

-People with headsets who blast music that makes it impossible to hear the rest of your team. First of all your music reaaaaaally sucks. Second, you have a variety of options that allow you to listen to music and still be an effective team player. Keep your music soft. Use the -mute self- switch on your headset when you're not talking. Don't sit so friggin' close to your speakers. But if you absolutely must listen to deafening music, for the love of god unplug your mic.

-People who join a game and then proceed to do nothing. You have to go be active in the real world? fine. Just turn off your system so we can actually get a productive member on the team.

-People who wait in line for a teleporter. Its quicker if you walk! Also spies who take teleporters and then rush the opposing team. If you haven't realized it yet, you leave a trail of blue after you teleport. My advice is hoof it if your gonna be a spy, and if you absolutely must use a teleporter, wait a few seconds afterwards to let the blue sparks fade away.

-spies who try to backstab an engineer right in front of said engineer's sentry.

yeah, you're gonna die.
If you've been playing for a while, and you're confident in your skills it is possible to backstab an engineer when he is by his sentry as long as you cloak immediately after you stab him. Please don't attempt this if your not a very good spy though....

-Engineers who ignore the first capture point entirely and put all their defenses on the second point, continuing to do so even if(by some miracle) the rest of the team manages to hold the first point. Team fortress 2 is a team effort . When one person isn't pulling his/her weight, the whole team suffers. So I implore you, defend every point no matter what!

-Engineers who can't place their sentries in a spot where it will actually help the team. If you're not sure about where you should be placing your sentries, watch where other engineers put their sentries and learn from them. And be creative! Think about where the enemy team might travel and where other sentries are and use your sentry to improve your defenses. Two sentries right by a point is an all-right strategy, but a sentry on the point and one placed by where the enemy may take up position to take out the original sentry is an even better idea.

-Team members on a defensive team who outright refuse to play engineers, especially on Gravel Pit and Dustbowl. I'm not sure how these people expect to accomplish anything. but I'm sure having 2 snipers and 3 spies won't do much. This is kind of specific, but when your playing defense you absolutely need engineers to win. The amount you use should be proportionate to the team size. If you're about to leave the spawn and you see that your team has no engineers, it's probably a good idea to switch classes. Even if you don't think you're very good at it, the only way you can get better is by playing that class more often.

-People who try to change classes after leaving the spawn. I've literally seen people who are five feet away from the spawn attempt a class change. It may seem like it will take a while to change your class, but it will most likely be a lot faster than the wait time you'll incur from killing yourself.

On another note, anyone have any idea how 12v12 matches occur on the 360 version? I've randomly dropped into 1 or 2 of these, but for the life of me I can't figure out how they occurred.
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