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I want Star Wars Episode IX to be a musical, because the collective fanbase losing their shit all at once might actually bring people together for once.


The reason Devolver Digital's press conference was so amazing was largely because no one expected it. Now the HYPE has been built up so much everyone's gonna be disappointed.


Ever since I read Polygon.com's article on the backlash against Ready Player One, I'm seeing people use the term 'gatekeeping' everywhere now. Did they all read the same thing, or is this just a me thing?


So back in March, Amazon sent me my copy of Nier: Automata Day One Edition a day early somehow, and I'm just now finding the time to play through it. I must say it is fantastic. Why did I wait so long.


So Bethesda, in a couple years we can expect a Prey 2 announcement, yeah? Here, I even have a trailer you can use for 2019's E3:


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