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A Gentleman's Review Of Strafe

  Strafe ® I exit the elevator. There’s a narrow corridor in front of me that makes a bifurcation. Ahead, there’s a dead end and to the left, more baddies. I turn the corner, shotgun in hand and blast a grenad...


Let's Talk Samurai Jack Season 5 - "Episode XCIII"

Guess who’s back? Back I am and if the logic applies, so are you, to talk more about the new Samurai Jack. If you missed the first discussion, click here and get up to speed. So let’s waste no more time because this ...


Let's Talk Samurai Jack Season 5 - "Episode XCII"

Guess who’s back? Does the name Samurai Jack ring any bells? Maybe you remember it from your younger days. Maybe you occasionally saw it on Cartoon Network while browsing for something to watch, or maybe you are like me, a ...


That Time Modern Warfare Destroyed My Power Fantasy

I love when a game manages to surprise me. Whether is an unexpected twist or a subversion of an old trope, the “holy shit” effect is always welcomed and generally makes the experience richer overall. It’s one of the ...


Childhood Classics: Radio Control Is Best Control

When I was a kid, one of my dreams was to own an RC Car, just like the ones in the commercials of this wonderful capitalist world we inhabit. I begged for months until, in one fateful Christmas, I received a rectangular box containing...


Better With Age: Final Fantasy VI

Side note: Okay, so i'm kinda of cheating here, since technically i already wrote this article, but damn! i just wanted to talk about this game so freaking much, and re-reading my previous piece on the subject, i found it complete sh*t. So...


The Unseen Message of Metal Gear Solid 2

You know, me and MGS started out in with the wrong foot. I don't really remember when i first heard about this game, and people always said to me: "Dude, you are missing a genre defining experience". It can't be that good. Fast forward...


Hat's Thoughts: Nintendo Left My Country

I woke up, took a good shower, ate a nice breakfast, and since i had nothing better to do, i gone check out the news on Kotaku. Much to my surprise, i find that Nintendo is no longer acting on the Brazilian market. In case you don't kn...


Forgotten Legacy: Reliving Final Fantasy VI - Part 1

  What is a legacy? To me, it's the hopes, dreams, knowledge, experiences, advice, and all kinds of things that have some kind of value to us, that we want it to carry on to those that will come after us. This concept is speciall...


Hat's Thoughts: 2014 for Ubisoft

2014 was a great year. We got excellent games, great promises for 2015, awesome and unexpected movies (How great was Guardians of the Galaxy?), and so much more that other people already covered on their retrospectives. But it's time t...


Hat Thought's: Hatred removed from Steam Greenlight

Hatred, the controversial ultra violent game about killing people for no reason, came back to the spotlight after being removed from Steam Greenlight. By the time of removal the game had received more than 13,000 votes, witch is a lot....


There's a Game for Everyone

Man we live wonderful times, so many advances in technology, medicine, and in entertainment as well. Never before we had so many games on our reach. I'm not talking only emulators, but also online services like Steam, PSN, Live and so ...


About Niorone of us since 5:29 PM on 12.15.2014

Writer for fun, professional amateur and 16-bit dreamer.

Brazilian man born and raised, under the hot sun where I spend most of my days. Currently working on a series dedicated to the documentation of the local gaming culture and landscape, that I call Brazil Of Games. I took the name from an old TV series that aired a long time ago here but no trace of it exists on the Internet.

The Brazil Of Games:

[*] The original blog about Nintendo's departure from my country that planted the seed for everything that's to come, all the way back in 2017.

[*] The first real installment, where I explore the origins of the world's first digital-only console, the Zeebo. And why it failed.

[*] Meet the Locadora, the parlors where we got our first contact with gaming!

[*] A follow up of sorts to the previous blog, where I explore Brazil's most revered game: Top Gear!

[*] The SEGA Genesis might have been born in Japan, but it was Brazil that made it its home! Here's how it happened.

[*] It's no secret we love soccer games. So here's a brief history of the Mod that forever changed how we played them!

[*] Folklore is not something many games explore. Here's a game based on a local folk tale from my hometown.

[*] Everyone knows that gaming really started in the days of the arcade parlors. Brazil's history with them was a very curious one, thanks to legendary company Taito and their many, many bootlegs!

[*] Every story has a beginning. Here's to the game that created our whole gaming industry, AmazĂ´nia! May your legacy be remembered for all eternity!

[*] Happy 20th anniversary PlayStation 2! This one is dedicated to the console that changed everything!